Better by the glass

March 2015 /

Increased awareness of drinking and driving, and consumers experimenting more with variety, should result in restaurants also stepping up their ‘wine by the glass’ offering. Sadly this section remains neglected on most menus.

Alternative rosé wines

March 2015 /

Rosé wines are sometimes seen as inferior to white and red wines by some wine purists, because it lacks tepidity and is often a blend of white and red wines. The English proverb “Do not judge a book by its cover” can however be applied in this case.

Image of Lelienfontein Wingerdkwekers

Preserving plant material

18 February 2015 /

The success of an industry lies in its ability to sustain its reserves, through preservation and innovation. The Vine Garden at De Bos Estate, upper Hemel en Aarde Valley is an example of how to maintain and sustain plant material. This is a collaboration between Vititec, the plant improvement division of VinPro and Bosman Family Vineyards.