Alcohol industry supports government’s call to fight alcohol abuse

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Covid-19

The alcohol industry supports yesterday (24 August) statement by the government calling on society to join hands in the fight against alcohol abuse. The incidents of alcohol misuse reported this weekend, including the unfortunate loss of life of traffic officers involved in a fatal car crash.

The spokesperson for the industry Sibani Mngadi said, “We condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the irresponsible actions that led to these tragic and unnecessary deaths of three traffic officers from the Tshwane Metro. We will continue our undertaking to scale up and implement programmes to promote responsible consumption of alcohol.”

Mngadi reiterated that the alcohol industry’s appreciation for the opportunity granted by the Government to continue trading as from last week.

“As part of the industry’s push for a social compact with all stakeholders we are continuing to develop programmes in partnership with the relevant Government entities, and we should get to the implementation stage soon,” he added.

The alcohol industry supports the government’s call for law enforcement agencies to be firm in dealing violation of any law of the country including:

  • Compliance with the 10 pm curfew;
  • Limiting to 50 the number of people that may gather at one site; and
  • Drinking and driving.

The projects proposed by the industry include the establishment of Alcohol Evidence Assessment Centres for blood concentration levels can be tested, and the results immediately being made available to support a successful prosecution.

“We call on the traders and consumers alike to abide by all the lockdown rules and make sure that the drinking occasions do not contribute to the spread of infections and unnecessary burden on the health system,” said Mngadi.

The alcohol industry has a collective responsibility to protect our livelihoods as part of the alcohol value chain. Consumers, equally, have a responsibility to behave appropriately and not expose themselves and others to unnecessary harm and potential infections.

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