Ashton Robotics & Technology Day: Building a brighter future

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Blog, Lifestyle, News

On 27 September 2018 the Langeberg Community Initiative (LCI) hosted a Robotics and Technology day in conjunction with ORT SA Cape and NGO Breede River Emotional Awareness Development (b.r.e.a.d.). Three surrounding farm schools, Prospect Primary, Klaasvoogds Primary and Wakkerstroom-Wes Intermediary, participated in the event which kicked off at Ashton Winery last year.

ORT SA Cape provides disadvantaged youth and adults with the skills and knowledge required to cope with their environment, foster economic self-sufficiency, and instil a sense of confidence through exposure to and interventions in technology, robotics, literacy, science and mathematics.

A team of facilitators from ORT SA Cape spent the day teaching the grade 6 learners how to build and programme their own LEGO robots. Learners worked in pairs, learning through questions, interaction and problem-solving. The dedicated facilitators provided advice and encouragement throughout the day, and were rewarded with visible enthusiasm and sense of achievement as the children saw their creations coming to life.

Grade 7 learners who had attended last year’s classes were invited again to work on more advanced models this year. The Langeberg Community Initiative aims to uplift the community and is therefore committed to identifying learners early on for support through their secondary and tertiary studies.

To contribute or participate, or for more information, contact René Best of b.r.e.a.d. at 082 391 3751 or


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