Canned Wine book launched at Sauvignon Blanc seminar

by | Nov 10, 2021 | Article, News

Learn about canned wines, Concours Mondial, the Top 10 and more at the 2021 Sauvignon Blanc SA Technical Seminar taking place at Allée Bleue on 17 November 2021.



The 2021 Sauvignon Blanc SA Top 10, a unique line-up of international wines, as well as canned wines and more, will feature at this year’s Sauvignon Blanc SA Technical Seminar at Allée Bleue, Franschhoek on Wednesday 17 November 2021.

Distinguished experts from South Africa and abroad will discuss subjects ranging from the latest in research to local as well as international industry insights. Attendees will also take home a newly-launched book on canned wines as well as some premium canned Sauvignon Blanc to sample.

This annual seminar, presented in partnership with platinum partners EVER Solutions and FNB, is renowned as a “must-attend” technical event, empowering the industry with the know-how to enhance its competitiveness in a rapidly growing market segment.

The Program:

  • RJ Botha, Chairperson of Sauvignon Blanc SA, will give feedback on the association’s activities.
  • Bennie Avenant, Technical Sales Consultant of EVER Solutions, representing the Italian-based company EVER in South Africa, will give an overview of their solutions for wine production.
  • Rico Basson, Managing Director of Vinpro, will discuss the South African wine industry WISE strategy towards 2025, as we collectively rebuild, in his presentation: “SA wine – bouncing forward”.
  • A new book, “The winemaker’s guide to wine in a can”, published by Winetech, will be launched by Dr Carien Coetzee of Basic Wine. A digital version will be available at no cost from and each attendee will receive a printed copy sponsored by Enartis.
  • Enartis Nutriferm X is a hot topic; therefore Lida Malandra, General Manager of Enartis SA, will share information about this revolutionary product in a Q&A session.
  • Quentin Havaux, Project Manager of the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon in Brussels, Belgium, will give a presentation about this prestigious international competition as well as a wine tasting of highly acclaimed Concours Mondial du Sauvignon wines from various parts of the world.
  • Dr Carien Coetzee, a member of the Sauvignon Blanc SA management committee, will discuss this year’s Sauvignon Blanc SA Top 10 winners. There will also be an informal tasting of the Top 10 winning wines.


Pre-registration at is compulsory (by Friday 12 November 2021). The registration fee is R850.00 for members and R1 000.00 for non-members (tea/coffee and lunch included). A Sauvignon Blanc SA Technical Booklet will also be available online afterwards.

For more information or to become a member, e-mail or call 021 975 4440. Join the online conversation about #SauvignonBlancSA and follow Sauvignon Blanc SA on Twitter @SauvignonSA and on Facebook and Instagram as @sauvignonblancsa.


The Winemaker’s Guide to Wine in a Can

Dr. Carien Coetzee, author of The Winemaker’s Guide to Wine in a Can.

Canned wine has gained popularity in the international market and its trending success has encouraged wineries to join the canned wine segment. However, for most wine producers, the process is new and seemingly complex.

Lack of experience and familiarity can be intimidating. Winemakers need to understand the packaging materials and consider the interactive nature of the packaging (aluminium) and the corrosivity of the wine medium which was not a factor that had to be considered previously.

As canned wines gain momentum, winemakers pondering a future with packaging other than glass bottles are asking for more information on how to prepare wines destined to be sold in an aluminium can and how this process differs from wine produced for conventional glass bottles.

Using aluminium cans as a packaging material for wine can pose challenges as it is harder to maintain consistency and quality. Therefore, all wines made for canning can also be packaged in glass bottles, but not all wines prepared for glass bottles can be canned.

The winemaking process for the different packaging options is fundamentally the same. However, there are a few key parameters or risk factors which need to be carefully considered in order to maximise the product’s shelf life, ensure customer satisfaction, and prevent product loss.

Consumer acceptance of this new type of packaging already poses serious concerns and the additional challenges associated with the development of wine faults and a shortened shelf life could harm the potential market growth.

It is important to investigate and identify key pathways and risk factors that support the formation of off aromas and other unwanted properties post-packaging and gain a better understanding of the potential role of the internal protective coating of the can in these processes.


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