Celebrating radiance with J.C. Le Roux this festive season

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Blog, Lifestyle, News

J.C. Le Roux will be adding some vibrancy to the festive season with a new limited edition design for its La Chanson, Le Domaine and La Fleurette sparkling wines.

The J.C. Le Roux Radiance Collection is inspired by the beauty and inner radiance of flowers. The individual bottle foils each feature a beautiful, vibrant floral design with the Le Domaine adorned with the Plumeria flower, the La Fleurette with Tulips and the La Chanson with Poppies.

Each bloom was selected for their beautiful colours, the happiness they bring to celebratory occasions and how well they match the personality of each sparkling wine. The Le Domaine is a delightful, youthful sparkling wine with the finesse and freshness of a Sauvignon Blanc intertwined with the gentle sweetness of the Muscadel.


The lively, playful passion-pink sparkling wine, La Fleurette, reveals a delightful combination of sweet, fruity flavours with hints of strawberry, plum and tropical fruit, perfectly balanced freshness and a rich Muscat taste. The low-in-alcohol La Chanson is a refreshing ruby-red sparkling wine with a delightful sweet, fruity taste of strawberries and plums.

Available in store nation-wide, the digital experience will continue the celebration by offering consumers the opportunity to have their Facebook page transformed into a garden of joy. The J.C. le Roux Radiance Chatbot will allow consumers to submit a voice note sharing how they celebrate their inner radiance. Measuring the user’s voice tone, pitch and intensity the Radiance Chatbot will provide a customised animation using the consumer’s profile photograph and colour filters matching the limited edition range. Consumers will be prompted to share their new radiant image and stand the chance to win bespoke, floral sneakers.

The J.C. le Roux Radiance Collection is available nation-wide until stocks last and retails for around R74.95 each.


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