Chateau Del Rei’s novel new ‘Bubbly-in-a-Can’: But would you drink it?

by | Apr 10, 2019 | News

Chateau Del Rei’s new sparkling wine in a can.

In the USA, sparkling wine served in a can has proven to be more than just another short-lived fad thanks to the genius of Francis Ford Coppola vineyards. If you wince at the words ‘sparkling wine’ and ‘can’ together in a sentence. then this ingenious product is definitely not for you. For some, it’s delightful sparkling wine.

More than that, though, it’s supposed to be fun. If you are an impromptu, impetuous, live-passionately-for-the-moment kind of person, the kind of person who lives like there is no tomorrow, then bubbly-in-a-can might be made for you. With its low alcohol content of 7%, the bubbly is perfect for outdoor living and lets you enjoy the fun for longer.

Now, South Africans can indulge in a can of sparkling wine thanks to Chateau Del Rei. Beverage distribution company, Chill Beverages International has unearthed a fabulous flair of the new Chateau Del Rei, a naturally sweet sparkling wine with convenient packaging for any occasion.

It’s a pretty novel idea, but has the wine-in-a-can trend taken off in South Africa yet? According to our social media polls, the answer is no. On Facebook, 38% of respondents agreed that wine in a can is a novel concept and they would definitely consider drinking it, while 62% answered no, saying that cans are reserved for beers and soda only. On Twitter, 58% of poll participants agreed that the concept cheapens the wine experience while only 41% said that the single-serve concept is necessary.




Discover the new Chateau Del Rei sparkling wine in a can at the 18th annual South African Cheese Festival at Sandringham Estate near Stellenbosch over the weekend of 26 – 28 April 2019. 

According to the manufacturer, the sparkling wine in a can is fruity, vibrant and delicately sweet and a truly indulgent combination with soft cheeses such as Brie, Camembert and Ricotta.

Made primarily of Chenin Blanc grapes with just a dash of Muscat, Chateau Del Rei champagne in a can is a naturally sweet, fruity bubbly with loads of panache. The stylish can and low alcohol content of only 7%, make Chateau Del Rei the perfect outdoor bubbly.

Look out for this vibrant sparkler in a can at the upcoming Cheese Festival. Tickets are available from Visit for more event information.



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