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by | Jan 1, 2018 | Business and Marketing

Leading the way

For more than three decades, Cork Supply has been the industry leader in research and innovation. Industry firsts include:The introduction of cork-by-cork sensory analysis.

  • The use of gas chromatography with solid phase micro extraction (SPME) for detection of releasable TCA during all phases of production.
  • The introduction of the proprietary Innocork®TCA removal (volatile extraction) technology.
  • The first-ever guaranteed taint-free natural corks under the DS100 system.

 The Cork Supply Group has since its launch in 1981 redefined quality through innovation, superior service and expertise. Boasting its own production facilities in Europe, Australia, South Africa, Argentina, China and America, the Cork Supply Group is a certified producer of premium closure products, including cork stoppers for still wines, sparkling wines and spirits. The company’s priority is to deliver taint-free corks of the highest quality to wineries in more than 30 countries.

With this in mind, the company launched the innovative DS100 dry soak inspection for natural cork in 2011. DS100 is a non-invasive, non-destructive process involving a group of highly trained panellists who guarantee the absence of TCA and other off-aromas in every single cork in a lot. Every cork for a DS100 order is isolated in a sterile jar. After a period in this controlled environment all the corks are evaluated sequentially by three trained panellists. Any corks that are found to have TCA or other off-aromas are rejected from the lot. This process has proved to be effective in virtually eliminating the risk of TCA contamination and other off-aromas in finished wines.

Cork Supply is proud to announce the launch of Vinc, a new line of TCA taint-free* technical corks that have been naturally created and technically perfected.

“At Cork Supply, our vision is to produce quality closures that add value to the industry,” Cork Supply Group founder Jochen Michalski says. “The Vinc product line is the result of our focused research and development team’s work.” The new closure line consists of Vinc and Vinc+ for still wines, and Vinc Cuvée for sparkling wines. The corks are all produced using only the company’s own high-quality raw cork materials and state-of-the-art individual moulding technologies.

As Cork Supply Group oversees the harvest and production of its natural corks from forest to bottle the materials are of an exceptionally high quality. A technical cork facility was opened in 2016 expressly to produce taint-free, best-in-class microagglomerated corks. The facility is an integral part of the company’s commitment to top-quality standards and environmental stewardship.

Cork Supply uses Vapex, a revolutionary process that disinfects cork granules through effective mass and heat transfer to ensure that all wines bottled with Vinc corks are TCA taint-free*. Vapex is more competitive cost-wise than comparable products on the market. The efficient batch-by-batch treatment system guarantees granules with an elevated sensory neutrality and allows for traceability lot by lot.

The Vinc range currently includes three microagglomerated corks, with additional products still in development**:

  • Vinc for still wines with granules sized 0.5 to 2 mm and offering a shelf-life of up to two years.
  • Vinc+ for still wines with granules sized 0.5 to 1 mm and offering a shelf-life of up to five years.
  • Vinc Cuvée for sparkling wines with granules from 0.5 to 2 mm and offering a shelf life of up to two years.

TCA taint-free* Bottle Buy-back Guarantee

Cork Supply now offers a Bottle Buy-back Guarantee for bottles sealed with its DS100 Natural Cork and the new Vinc line of technical corks. If a customer receives a cork taint claim on a bottle of wine sealed with a DS100 Natural Cork or Vinc technical cork, the returned bottle will be evaluated. If cork-derived taint is present, the bottle will be bought back. For details on the Bottle Buy-back Guarantee, go to

*Releasable TCA greater than 0.5 ng/L. **For technical information on Cork Supply products go to

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