The cost of trellis systems (excluding labour) for the establishment of irrigated vineyards normally amounts to at least 20% of the total capital expenditure.

Over the past three years, since the previous VinPro survey in February 2003, the cost of material used to erect trellis systems has increased significantly.

Round and split tar poles at lengths of 1,2 m to 3,6 m saw average price increases of 30,4% and 39,5% respectively during the period. At the same time the cost of steel, anchor and binding wire increased by an average of approximately 15,4%. The fact that the price of steel wire appears to be linked to the Rand/Dollar exchange rate, most likely gave rise to smaller price increases.

The cost of galvanised building hoops (1 kg) increased by 54,2%, while prices of 12 mm round iron for anchors (6 m), cement and staples (1 kg) increased by 82,2%, 20, 4% and 41,3% respectively.

For the cost of new material for the different trellis systems, see the table. For any queries, contact Gert van Wyk (023) 347-2795.

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