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by | Jul 18, 2021 | Article, Business and Marketing, Opinion

The past year’s 1.6% rise in unemployment, recent price hikes and fluctuating lockdown restrictions are factors that may be contributing to the increase in home and business burglaries.

According to the South African Police Service, robberies at non-residential premises have gone up by 2.8%. House break-ins make up 54% of South Africa’s crime, while theft of livestock, poultry, and other animals accounts for 10% of crime (source:

During the country’s economic dip and rising concerns around safety and security, it’s essential to ensure your valuables are secure. It can cost more to replace stolen goods and repair the damage done to a property during a burglary. In the long term, a custom security system is an investment that can give you the assurance you need to safeguard your future.

Master Lock is refining how home and business owners are securing their assets, eliminating the risk of unauthorised key duplication. For one, its Edge Key Control System introduces a specific keying approach ideally suited for different needs and budgets. The key control system uses patent-protected keys, each created according to a unique DNA that cannot be replicated without authorised by a certified Master Lock dealer.


Master Lock’s Edge Key Control System.


Internal theft is more common than business owners may consider and poses a significant threat to a facility’s security. It can happen if you have high employee turnover or if a current employee copies a key without permission. The key control system gives you complete ownership of your premises’ accessibility from the inside out. 

What is customised high-security?

High-security is a combination of anti-theft devices that aids a higher level of security. Master Lock South Africa’s team of experts calculate and match your exact security management needs and simplifies your access requirements. A padlock ‘gene’ is created according to a hierarchical arrangement of different access levels.

For one, a system that requires gate access in an agricultural setting can be set up differently to a petrol pump station where machineries’ access can be limited to individuals working in management. For residential locations, you may need a less complex approach.

When it comes to farm security, padlock’s level of protection may need to be reviewed more often because of repeated targeting. This problem can be critical to your business, whether you’re in the agriculture, construction or retail.

“Master Lock understands that each security issue is unique,” says Colin Harding, head of marketing and special projects at IB McIntyre and Master Lock South Africa. “We help home and business owners reconfigure and simplify their access methods, and take ownership of their security preferences. They can choose how to categorise their premises’ access. We refine this to the tee, assigning individuals access according to the subcategories identified.”

“Once a system is registered to a business, we record the details,” adds Dr Conrad Greer, a padlock specialist at IB McIntyre and Master Lock SA. “Over time, we can update and service the system, eliminating the need to replace it. For example, if you have a large configuration and a single key goes missing, you will not need to replace any locks. This is avoided by replacing the cylinder in the lock. The main lock system remains intact, saving you replacement costs.”

Master Lock has also introduced a colour coding scheme to enable easier identification and allocation of locks per area. Their team analyses lower and higher risk regions, advising on the security level required, keeping spending specific to the risk calculated.

For more information on Master Lock’s Edge Key Control System, contact their South Africa team directly for a consultation and evaluation of your security requirements at or 021 508 1250.

To order Master Lock products from IB McIntyre & Co., visit

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