Enartis Acquires WINEGRID: Wineries increasingly Efficient due to Artificial Intelligence

by | Nov 29, 2023 | Article, Business and Marketing, News

Enartis, an Italian multinational company and part of the Esseco Group, which operates in the alcoholic beverage sector and wine products and services market, has finalized the acquisition of the majority of shares of WATGRID (brand name in the market: WINEGRID), a Portuguese company that has developed and patented cutting-edge technology for monitoring wine production using sensors.

With this acquisition, Enartis is projecting itself as a leader toward the digitization and automation of modern wineries, in complete synergy with the company’s enological product offerings.

According to Samuele Benelli, General Manager of Enartis, “This is a milestone in the evolution of Enartis, allowing the company to consolidate its position globally in the wine industry, offering its customers an even more comprehensive and innovative integrated range of products and services.”

WINEGRID’s technology is based on the use of smart sensors that are applied at different stages of wine production, particularly during fermentation. These sensors can collect real-time data on both the progress of fermentation and other important parameters. The data collected are processed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) software and advanced algorithms within a proprietary information system on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. This provides valuable insights to winemakers about fermentation and ageing, helping them make decisions quickly and reduce production costs.

“In line with Enartis’ goal of bringing “smart winemaking” to support wineries around the world, WINEGRID technology will enable producers to increase the efficiency of their wineries. Additionally, the AI software will enable them to perform predictive analysis of their production, minimizing the need for product sampling and analysis during the winemaking process”, said Piermario Ticozzelli, Strategic Business Director of Enartis.

“Enartis represents an opportunity for WINEGRID to gain direct access to the wine production sector globally, due to the seamless integration of expertise between the two worlds, which are naturally complementary: together we listen to the voice of winemakers and provide the answer to their needs,” said Rogério Nogueira, co-founder and CEO of WINEGRID. “This is an important milestone to accelerate the adoption of our technology to extract the full potential of harvest for more winemakers”, confirmed Lúcia Bilro, co-founder and CTO of WINEGRID.

Always committed through R&D to combine innovation and quality to winemaking products and services, Enartis is now projecting the industry into the future, making the concept of “Smart Enology” a reality to increase competitiveness and efficiency in the winery, due to a proactive and predictive approach to the winemaking process that constantly respects and enhances the identity of the wine.

Enartis, part of the Esseco Group, is a multinational alcoholic beverage industry company offering innovative products, cutting-edge technology, technical support, and attentive and consistent customer service. Founded with a forward-looking vision, Enartis has traced a success story characterized by constant innovation, in-depth expertise, and widespread presence, evolving over time to anticipate and meet the needs of the global market. With more than 230 employees and a network of branches strategically located around the world, Enartis provides global coverage and tailors its offerings to the specifics of each market. Constant commitment to research and development and a focus on sustainability enable Enartis to guarantee safe and reliable service, offering solutions that increase the quality and efficiency of production processes for companies and wineries.

After an initial collaboration and distribution agreement in February 2023, Enartis now holds a majority stake in Portugal’s WINEGRID, integrating innovative solutions for digitizing the winemaking process into its offerings.

WINEGRID is a leading provider of innovative solutions for digitalizing winemaking from the grape to the bottle. WINEGRID’s patented, real-time and remote monitoring technology enables a proactive and predictive approach to winemaking with state-of-the-art precision. With innovative sensors, advanced algorithms, and AI, WINEGRID Systems contribute to increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing enological decision-making. WINEGRID is already being used by renowned wine producers all over the world.

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