FarmTrack: A legacy of excellence

by | Dec 1, 2020 | News

In the heart of the Helderberg basin lies the famous Vergelegen, sprawled across a whopping 3 300 ha. With a rich history spanning from 1685 up to now, Vergelegen attracts thousands of local and international tourists every year. When you’re this renowned, you have to keep up a level of excellence that surpasses all expectations. According to Vergelegen’s farm manager, FarmTrack is one of the tools they use on a daily basis to maintain their standard.

With a wine portfolio of 16 different wines and counting, it makes sense to use the best tools at their disposal. Being sure that all the vineyards are sprayed properly used to be a time consuming and time-wasting business, requiring the farm manager to follow the tractor around to make sure no grapes are missed. With FarmTrack installed, he can now choose to follow in real-time or simply consult the reports at the end of the day to make sure the job was done to his satisfaction. His favourite feature is the peace of mind he gets. “You know the time you put in is going to produce good fruit – quite literally.”

“FarmTrack has saved us time, money and a lot of resources,” he says. “I can see when a tractor was idling unnecessarily for a long time and wasting diesel.” He adds they can also work out how long it will take to spray one hectare and how much chemicals are needed. “This enables us to buy accurate amounts of chemicals. We have also cut back on the amount of time it takes to do our admin, and this is a big win!”

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