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by | Aug 3, 2020 | Article

Jacques Visser, mentor at Crispy Farming in Ceres.

Crispy Farming in Ceres fitted 14 tractors with FarmTrack tracking devices in September last year as a management tool to record that orchards are sprayed accurately. “We encountered a problem with false codling moth (FCM) last year which led to major financial losses,” says Jacques Visser, a mentor at the BBBEE agri-business established in 2004 by the well-known Dutoit Group which produces and distributes fresh fruit and vegetables for local and international markets. Crispy Farming produces apples, pears and nectarines on 229 ha.

“In order for us to continue receiving access to foreign markets and accreditation from overseas customers we have to spray chemicals registered for use against FCM sparingly,” Jacques says. “The biggest benefit of FarmTrack is having the peace of mind that your orchards have been sprayed properly and no rows were missed. FarmTrack enables us to know exactly which blocks were sprayed, when chemicals were applied and the amount used. Spraying is done at the correct calibration speed – a too low spraying speed results in higher residue levels on the fruit while incorrect spraying speed can affect the performance of the chemical being applied. A handy feature is that FarmTrack visually indicates any rows that were missed during spraying.”

FarmTrack is easy to install and user-friendly. “We also received excellent after-sales service and help from the FarmTrack team to ensure that the system fits smoothly and effortlessly into our existing farming management practices,” Jacques says.

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