FarmTrack: Smart tracker contributes to significant savings

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Wineland

FarmTrack is a clever but simple GPS tracking device fitted to tractors and farm vehicles to track their movements. It has been installed on six tractors and a truck at Lochaber, a macadamia farm near White River, Mpumalanga.

“FarmTrack gives us total control of our tractors and vehicles, and saves us thousands of rand in the process,” says farm manager Wicus Botha. Lochaber has 180 ha of macadamias in full production with an additional 60 ha not yet in full production. Plans are underway to plant a further 60 ha for an eventual total production area of 300 ha.

“Our truck is used to transport the harvested nuts from the farm to the processing plant,” Wicus says. “The tracking device provides additional security to prevent the driver from stopping on the way and dropping off nuts. The units on the tractors are used primarily to monitor spraying accuracy and efficiency. FarmTrack is a cost-effective management tool that ensures production processes and general farm practices are carried out correctly and efficiently first time around, thereby contributing to significant financial savings.”

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