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by | Apr 21, 2021 | Article

It’s no secret that some of the finest wines can be found tucked away in the cellars of South Africa’s top restaurants, though given 2020’s series of unfortunate events wine lovers will now have unprecedented access to these bottled gems.

Port2Port, South Africa’s largest fine wine marketplace – with over 2200 wines, from 400 producers and 14 countries – has launched an initiative to support the country’s top restaurants.

The hospitality industry has been hard hit by Covid-19 regulations, with curfews limiting trading hours. A succession of alcohol bans has also severely restricted turnover for most restaurants, with the industry traditionally relying on alcohol sales to bolster profits.

With this in mind, Port2Port has created a new offering to allow restaurants and estates to share their carefully selected wine lists directly with the public, offering unparalleled access to some of the finest private collections. Listed on the Port2Port site, these wines have all been curated by the establishment’s sommelier, benefitting from state of the art cellaring conditions and offer the promise of South Africa’s best food wines.

“At Port2Port, we are passionate about sharing exceptional wines, previously only available on consumption with our avid following of wine lovers. Over the last year we’ve missed out on these unique tasting experiences at our favourite restaurants, this initiative aims to both support the hospitality industry and bring exceptional wines into your home. We’ve entrusted some of the top sommeliers with crafting fantasy wine lists for even the most discerning wine connoisseur,” said Port2Port founder, Nicolò Pudel.

The first restaurant to make their wine vault available through Port2Port is Ellerman House.

The Ellerman House Collection, curated and managed by Head Sommelier Wayve Kolevsohn, has a decade of Diners Club Diamond status awards under its belt. The Collection is made up of rare and iconic wines, each one carefully stored and made available only once they have been perfectly aged. Wine lovers will be treated to older vintages from the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s, with South African gems ready for enjoyment at optimal maturity.

“We take exceptional care to age our red and white wines perfectly, to offer our customers a spectacular tasting of some of South Africa’s finest vintage wines. We have been limited in sharing our unique wine list with diners over the last year, and we’re excited to be able to present our beloved collection to a broader market of wine lovers,” said Kolevsohn.

The partnership may be Port2Port’s newest offer, but it is not the first initiative by the fine wine marketplace to support the industry through the challenges presented by Covid-19 regulations.

During the first lockdown, they offered ‘lockdown pricing’ to encourage consumers to support South African wine producers, by offering key wines from some of its top producers at exceptional prices. This year Port2Port is working to assist the industry through a new ‘Restock Your Cellar 2.0’ campaign in an attempt to help move the estimated 250-300 million litres of South African wine produced above demand in 2020. This initiative focusses on offering customers extraordinary pricing on large, curated cases from some of South Africa’s favourite producers.

Browse these extraordinary offers here:

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