Tips for vineyard workers

Is it possible to wind the arms of young grapevines too many times around the cordon wire Winding of cordon arms (Photo 1) is a practice that is sometimes applied, but it is not recommended for the following reasons:

  • As the cordon arm increases in thickness, the wire cuts into the wood, which is one of the reasons why bearers die back (Photo 2).
  • The cordon wire cannot be recycled when the grapevines are uprooted.

To prevent the cordon wire from cutting into the wood, it is recommended that young arms be wound around the wire one and a half to two times only.


PHOTO 1. This arm was wound around the cordon wire five times, which will definitely cause the wire to cut into the wood.

PHOTO 2. It is clearly noticeable on this old arm how the cordon wire cuts into the wood and that the bearer has died.

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