Introducing Natuferm Fruity: A new nutrient from Oenobrands

by | Jun 29, 2019 | News

Oenobrands is proud to announce the launch of a new nutrient joining the Natuferm family: Natuferm Fruity.

This nutrient is a selected autolysed yeast, chosen for its performance as a yeast nutrient during alcoholic fermentation and for its ability to optimise red wine aromas. Natuferm Fruity is 100% autolysed yeast, selected for its richness in amino acids, precursors of esters aroma, produced during alcoholic fermentation and also for its capacity to preserve aromas during ageing.

The presence of ergosterol is a bonus, as this lipid is necessary for the yeasts in order to protect the membranes for a better viability and to ensure capacity to adsorb amino acids to produce esters. Natuferm Fruity is also naturally rich in vitamins and oligo elements needed by the yeasts for a quick and safe fermentation.

Here is the result of dosage of aroma molecules (expressed in odour units) on a Syrah wine, fermented with and without Natuferm Fruity.

2018 Syrah – Traditional method of winemaking – Natuferm Fruity at 40 g/hL added at inoculation – Must : 115 mg/L of YAN, 13% alcohol potential, pH 3.6 _ IFV (France).

Natuferm Fruity enhances the fruity and floral notes found in the mouth; an added benefit is the reduction of fusel alcohol which could mask aromas. Natuferm Fruity is an aromatic booster in terms of both quantity and quality.

The tasting done on a Syrah wine (classical vinification, 2018 vintage) with Natuferm Fruity shows its positive impact on the wine’s sensorial profile. This wine is preferred due to the quality of red fruit aromas and the enhancement of varietal characteristic of Syrah wines from the south of France. With Natuferm Fruity the wine is less bitter and has more freshness, and better aromatic expression.

Recommended use:

– 20 to 40 g/hl based on nitrogen requirements

– addition before the first third of the alcoholic fermentation (density >1060). Micro granulation makes this product easy to use.

Natuferm FRUITY will be available for the 2019 harvest from the OENOBRANDS distributor, in 1 and 10kg packs.



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