Israel Agri-Water seminar

by | Mar 12, 2018 | News

The Israel Trade Office and Legacy Water Solutions would like to invite you to attend the Agri-Water seminar, focusing on agriculture and water management.

The purpose of the event is to share the Israeli experience in building a successful agriculture industry over the last 70 years in a country that is water starved, in arid and semi-arid regions like the Negev desert. Israel is now in a position to sustain itself and even has surplus water.

The event has been set up in such a way that Israeli companies will do presentations of the products and technologies they have developed to reach water sustainability.

The key focus is on Prof Eilon Adar, the world renowned hydrogeologist. He is the Director for the Zuckerberg Water Research Institute and the Ben Gurion University of the Negev desert. He is an expert in this field and travels to many countries with water challenges as an Israeli ambassador for water solutions. He is a world authority on water matters and is therefore often used as a spokesperson by the global media.

Here is an interview with him on Cape Town’s water crisis:

Time has been set aside for an interactive session with Prof Adar for Q&A and open discussions on the challenges in the Western Cape.

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