Keller AG: The Swiss Connection

by | Oct 28, 2020 | Wineland

Photo caption: Keller AG’s ADT1-Box remote data transmission unit encased in a robust, water-tight plastic housing (left). Keller AG’s precision submersible probes for level and fill measurement (right).


Keller AG Pressure Metrology is a Swiss-based, family-owned manufacturer of pressure sensors. The company employs approximately 450 people and is a market leader in the production of isolated pressure transducers and transmitters. KELLER was established in 1974 by Hannes W. Keller, the inventor of the integrated silicon measuring cell. Today, his sons Tobias and Michael Keller run the business.

Made in Switzerland

Keller has a strong connection to its home of Switzerland. Its headquarters are where the value is added and where most of our employees work. As a result, all Keller products bear the quality seal ‘Made in Switzerland’ and embody the Swiss values of quality, functionality and reliability.

Keller manufactures a wide array of pressure and level sensors, digital gauges, pressure calibrators, groundwater and sewage data-loggers and wireless data communication equipment. Its products are globally known for their precision, reliability and value-for-money ratio.

Remote sensing

Keller also has extensive experience installing tank content-measuring systems – from de-icing fluid tanks at Amsterdam Airport in the Netherlands to major beer breweries in Switzerland. And in very remote regions in Africa, Keller also installed drinking water stock-measurement systems which provide wireless readouts via the internet. These systems are based on a local micro-LoRa network with an internet connection, while data readout is done in Keller’s own Kolibri Cloud.

With a pressure sensor one can not only measure pressure, but also the current contents of a tank. After all, the weight of the fluid generates pressure, thus the higher the fluid column, the higher the pressure. Multiplying the fluid column in a tank by the surface area yields the precise volume of the remaining fluid.

Pairs with wine

These systems are particularly well suited to wine tanks. Keller’s dedicated food pressure sensors (flush AISI 316L diaphragms) can easily measure the contents , while the Kolibri web app can provide extensive functionality such as data export into several data formats, the creation of historical statistics, graph customisation and important alarm features, such as “tank almost empty”, “tank about to overfill”, and “temperature too high”.

With Kolibri Cloud and an internet connection, your data will be available worldwide, delivering that crucial information to the palm of your hands. Kolibri Cloud’s web interface is responsive and suited for any device, from a cell phone to a laptop or desktop computer.

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