#Savemylivelihood campaign launched for greater alcohol industry

by | Jul 28, 2020 | News

Following the re-introduction of the suspension of the sale, dispersion and distribution of alcohol, our industry is facing an extremely challenging time.

As you are no doubt aware, there is currently no clear way forward as government has not provided any indication pertaining to a resumption of sales, or provided guidance on the criteria for a lifting of the prohibition.  There has naturally been a significant, and increasing, rate at which jobs in the industry are being eroded and many other stakeholder benefits are being rapidly destroyed.

This is a time for us to collaborate more than ever before.  We have to ensure that the South African public are be made aware of the dire situation in which the industry finds itself.

A coalition of industry partners has been formed under the banner,  #savemylivelihood to share and amplify the detrimental impacts on our country’s economy and society.  This has undoubtedly contributed to the growing poverty, hunger and mortality rates in the very communities that are most vulnerable and it is having a devastating effect on small tavern owners, restaurant employees, bars and liquor stores as well as farmers, packaging and logistics companies across South Africa.

We urgently need to find a solution and offer help wherever we can.  We want you – our customers, our communities and our partners – as well as anyone who feels the plea of our people, to make sure you have the information to assist in sharing our message, far and wide.

Please visit: www.savemylivelihood.co.za, where you can find the facts, figures and industry commentary, making it possible for you to participate in making your voice heard in support of the millions of livelihoods that are at risk.

Thank you in advance for supporting and demonstrating our industry’s solidarity.

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