Le Bonheur Chardonnay is second biggest white wine at SAQ

by | Jun 24, 2022 | Article, News


The Le Bonheur Chardonnay is now the second biggest selling white wine at SAQ in retail value and volume. This was announced at an SAQ sales conference presented in June 2022.

The estate’s meteoric rise means that it is the 5th biggest wine at SAQ in total, only second to Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc in terms of white wine, and it’s the top selling South African wine.

The Société des alcools du Québec (translation: Québec Liquor Corporation) mission is to sell beverage alcohol by offering a broad range of quality products throughout Quebec, Canada.


Le Bonheur

Le Bonheur winemaker William Wilkinson pours a glass of the estate’s Chardonnay.


In conducting its business, the government corporation is respectful of communities and the environment, it creates value for all Quebecers and provides an unmatched customer experience.

“Our Chardonnay strikes a great balance between zesty crispness and sophisticated complexity. It’s incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed on its own, for summer lunches and picnics, or as an accompaniment to especially seafood,” explains winemaker William Wilkinson.

William particularly values balance, finesse and natural acidity. The wine comprises a selection of components that were harvested at different levels of phenolic ripeness.


Le Bonheur

Winemaker William Wilkinson.


The vineyards that were harvested earlier contribute bracing acidity, refreshing fruit and minerality. This crisp blending component is complemented by richer building blocks, from older vineyards on limestone soils.

“This results in a medium-bodied wine, with crisp acidity, zesty citrus notes and layers of white peaches, oyster shells and delicate oak spice,” explains William.

Dating back to the early 1700s the farm has a rich winemaking heritage. The estate was a trading post where travellers between Cape Town, Paarl, Franschhoek and Stellenbosch replenished their stock and relaxed at the natural springs close to the Le Bonheur Manor House.


Le Bonheur

Winemaker William Wilkinson.


This happy heritage is also the origin of Le Bonheur’s name, which means “happiness” in French.

William is actively involved in competitive bodyboarding in South Africa. As the former South African champion his relationship with the ocean also influences his approach to winemaking.

“There are many parallels between surfing and winemaking, such as the importance of balance, pushing boundaries and being close to nature. And in terms of Le Bonheur, both wine and surfing make me happy!” quips William.

For more information, contact Advini South Africa’s strategic development and marketing director, Dr Edo Heyns: edo.heyns@advinisa.co.za

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WATCH: Le Bonheur’s ocean-loving winemaker

Refer to the video below for more information about William’s happiness and how he draws inspiration from bodyboarding in his winemaking:


About Le Bonheur

Nestled between the magnificent Simonsberg Mountains and Klapmuts Hill, Le Bonheur is the gateway to South Africa’s most renowned wine producing region – Stellenbosch. With a history dating back to the 1700’s – Le Bonheur Wine Estate epitomises the rich heritage of Stellenbosch.

Historically “Le Bonheur” was a resting place for travellers and traders – offering lush green surroundings and natural spring waters. The original owners of this scenic farm, the French Huguenot De Villiers family, fittingly named it “Le Bonheur”, meaning “happiness”. Today the Estate retains its sense of place, timeless setting and rich heritage.


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