Lisbon-based Rovensa acquires Oro Agri

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Article

Rovensa, a Lisbon-based company, has acquired Oro Agri, Inc., a global leader in bio-rational crop protection and adjuvant technology. Oro Agri is currently selling in 85 countries around the world. The combined companies will offer customers increased marketing, sales and R&D support in countries currently served by Rovensa business units and also help establish Rovensa’s presence in countries not currently served by Rovensa business units.

Rovensa has made numerous acquisitions in the organic and bio-rational crop protection market as part of its strategy to be a leading part of in solving the global challenges facing agriculture today and in the future. The management of Rovensa and Oro Agri are excited about the opportunities open to them with this acquisition and see great synergies in their shared vision moving forward.

Erroll Pullen, CEO of Oro Agri, sees the acquisition as a win for both organisations. “Oro Agri now can offer an extensive library of new active ingredients and crop protection products to our customers. We are particularly excited about Rovensa’s organic and bio-rational portfolio. It opens up great opportunities for the Oro Agri business. And, as we move forward the commitment Rovensa has made to be a leader in this increasing important market segment means Oro Agri will be able to offer our customers the cutting edge in bio-pesticide crop protection. For Rovensa and its related businesses we can offer a turn-key sales and marketing team in important markets like North America and Sub-Sahara Africa where it does not currently have a significant presence.”



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