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by | Apr 1, 2017 | Wineland, Business and Marketing

Guala Closures SA has released the first ever tamper-evident closures in South Africa.

 Global counterfeiting is constantly on the increase and statistics show that the estimated global rise in counterfeit goods has resulted in hundreds of thousands of job losses.

Methods of counterfeiting vary, from the simple substitution of the contents of a bottle with an inferior product to the production of completely fake packaging and contents by copying well-known brands. Besides not being the real thing, these counterfeit products contain ingredients that may be harmful to consumers’ health.

Refilling or the replacement of the authentic product in the original bottle with an inferior product is the easiest and most common form of counterfeiting because it can, for instance, be done by independent bar and restaurant owners. Other forms of counterfeiting include reconstruction of the packaging using its original elements, removal and reuse of closures, reassembly of closures using components from various closures, applying a new label or duty stamp, reuse of bottles or outer packaging, and fake packaging, which includes the complete manufacturing of new packaging, production of certain or all closure components, assembly and decoration of the closure, and the production of new bottles.

With these challenges in mind, Guala Closures South Africa has come up with innovative solutions to prevent counterfeiting, one being the role-on tamper-evident (Rote) closure, a dual tamper-evident system specifically dedicated to standard aluminium closures.

With this simple, economic and safe solution a coloured plastic ring appears after the first opening and closing. The coloured plastic ring can be seen at a glance and can’t be removed and doesn’t damage the closure. This technology is available for aluminium roll-on pilfer-proof (Ropp) closures on 30 x 35, 30 x 44, 30 x 50 and 30 x 60 standard neck finishes for both wine and spirits.

Rote is the perfect choice to protect your brand’s image and integrity, whether for spirits or wine.

Another counterfeiting solution is the nip-cap closure for spirits, designed as an anti-counterfeiting, tamper-evident and tamper-proof plastic closure for glass bottles for spirits.

Another offering from Guala Closures is the Savin Premium® closure. This strong, double-layered closure with its internal thread was designed by Guala South Africa’s research and development department and is manufactured in Cape Town for the wine and spirits industry.

This award-winning product is quickly gaining popularity among well-known South African wineries that prefer bottling their premium and award-winning wines with the Savin Premium® closure.

Not only do the two layers provide a stronger seal, but the lack of threading on the outside gives a completely smooth surface area to allow branding such as foiling and embossing.

This closure is available in 30 x 60, 30 x 50, 30 x 44 and 30 x 35 with tin, PVDC, TRI-OX or EPE liner options.

Application is through four well-known and accredited mobile bottling companies, making the process cleaner, simpler and much easier for wineries. Guala Closures SA also offers technical support through its technical service department.

Guala Closures South Africa provides aluminium closures, Nip Cap tamper evident, and other anti-counterfeiting products to the wine, spirits, olive oil, fruit juice and water industries. The closures are manufactured at its 12 000 m² state-of-the-art Cape Town factory, which has been in operation for more than half a century.

Guala Closures SA is part of the Guala Closures Group which was founded in Italy in 1954 and now operates on five continents with 25 production facilities, all ISO certified. The company is the world leader in aluminium and non-refillable closures and anti-counterfeiting technologies. Guala Closures SA is the only local manufacturer capable of manufacturing closures and offering top and side foiling of closures at one facility. For more info contact 021 508 7100.

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