Maintain control of farm vehicles and fuel

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Wineland

“FarmTrack is a must for any farmer with a fleet of vehicles and I would highly recommend it for maintaining accurate records of farm vehicles and diesel usage,” says Francois Fouche, workshop manager at Meerlust Wine Estate in Stellenbosch.

FarmTrack is a robust, accurate GPS tracking device used to record which vineyards have been sprayed, when it was done, if any rows were skipped as well as the amount of chemicals applied.

“Although we use FarmTrack with great success to record chemical applications, the biggest advantage for me is that it registers who used each vehicle, for what purpose, on which date and most importantly, the amount of diesel used,” Francois explains. “The cost of fuel is one of our biggest expenses as we have many vehicles used daily by various staff members. In order to ensure better control of our diesel usage we fitted FarmTrack to nine tractors, three bakkies and one truck three years ago.”

Francois Fouche, workshop manager at Meerlust Wine Estate, with FarmTrack tracking device in background.

The result has allowed Meerlust to produce significant savings. “We can monitor the diesel consumption of each vehicle, avoid wastage and ensure that vehicles are used for the purpose for which they are intended,” says Francois.

FarmTrack is especially helpful when submitting diesel rebate claims to SARS. “In order to receive a rebate on our fuel usage, we have to keep records of all diesel purchases as well as the various amounts of diesel drawn from stock,” says Francois. “Prior to installing FarmTrack the collection and reconciliation of this information took up a large part of my working day. FarmTrack keeps accurate record of diesel purchased and used which is compiled into a tailored report for SARS and saves me a lot of time,” adds Fouche.

FarmTrack helps to protect their vehicles and equipment as well. “A tractor is placed under great amounts of stress when it’s driven quickly on farm roads with an attached implement or sprayer. FarmTrack allows us to set a speed limit for each vehicle and I’m notified on my cell phone if a driver exceeds that limit.”

Other benefits include increased productivity and improved time management of tractor drivers. “FarmTrack helps ensure drivers do what they are supposed to do. We cannot keep an eye on them all the time in the vineyards and must trust that they are doing each job timeously.”

“FarmTrack is a very good time management tool because it allows us to see how long a driver takes to complete a task as well as the time spent filling the tractor with fuel and sprayer with chemicals. Drivers’ productivity has increased after FarmTrack was installed,” he adds.

“Another useful feature is that I’m notified immediately should the battery of any vehicle be disconnected. FarmTrack is a reliable product that’s easily installed and offers good value for money,” Francois concludes.

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