Minister calls for level 4 amendments to allow online wine sales

by | Jul 14, 2021 | Article, News

Dr. Ivan Meyer, Western Cape Minister of Agriculture, has called on government to make amendments to level four lockdown regulations to allow wine and liquor to be sold online and delivered to consumers. 

In a media statement issued on Wednesday (14 July), Meyer said that given the current pandemic, the country has to consider innovative ways to protect lives and livelihoods within the wine sector.

“I call on the national government to allow wine and liquor to be sold online and delivered to consumers’ residences via transport or courier services. Doing so is a common-sense way to prevent gatherings but still allow sales to continue.”

Furthermore, Meyer comments that activities within the value chain that have no immediate impact on the pandemic but certainly on the future export prospects of the wine industry should be allowed to continue. One such activity is the transport of wine samples.

“Allowing the transport of wine samples enables an essential step towards obtaining an export license. It also supports the wine industry’s ongoing endeavours to improve the quality of its wines and participate in wine competitions.”

Wine is the third biggest export product of the Western Cape economy and contributes 6,5% to the province’s exports. “Because of this, it is an important source of job creation in the Western Cape. The wine industry is critical for the economic recovery of the Western Cape.”

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