Minnie Dlamini’s next victory bubbles in zero gravity with G.H Mumm

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Blog, Lifestyle, News

Johannesburg-Master of Celebrations Minnie Dlamini-Jones and France’s number 1 champagne G.H. Mumm, have taken dare, win, celebrate to another world, as they celebrate their next victory with the launch of the gravity-defying Champagne – Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar in September 2018. Never one to miss a defying moment, Minnie Dlamini-Jones will experience Maison Mumm’s new champagne in zero gravity.

Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar’s revolutionary feat of technology allows astronauts and other space travellers to enjoy champagne in the challenging surroundings of zero gravity. The fruit of a three-year partnership with Spade – a young agency specialized in space design – Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar employs a revolutionary new bottle and glass concept to transform life in space, making a high-tech champagne ritual available to all in the very near future. Thanks to Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar, Mumm’s art of celebration – along with a range of exciting new taste characteristics – will now accompany daring achievers in the new era of space exploration. The sensations begin as soon as the wine leaves the bottle, appearing as an effervescent ball of foam. Mumm Grand Cordon Stellar will now be the first cuvée available on-board the first commercial space flights.

As the official Master of Celebrations, Minnie Dlamini-Jones has been at the forefront of all Mumm’s pioneering celebrations. The South African A-lister will not only have the daring experience of sipping on the new Grand Cordon Stellar on-board a zero-gravity flight, but also be reunited with Mumm Chief Entertainment Officer Usain Bolt to celebrate their next victories at Maison Mumm in Reims.

With all these initiatives, Mumm is putting the innovative spirit that has always guided the Maison at centre stage. South Africans will soon get a chance to win a zero-gravity champagne experience in France by purchasing Usain Bolt’s signature pack in stores and toast to their own next victories

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