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by | Feb 1, 2018 | Business and Marketing

In 1995 Chilean entrepreneur Alejandro Fantoni had a vision. He wanted to transform his passion for wood into something that would change the lives of others. An appreciation for the finer things in life and an innovative mindset led to the development of his first barrel which he marketed in the Chilean wine industry.

A little more than two decades later that barrel turned into, Toneleria Nacional, an international cooperage with a turnover of more that USD20 million a year. Its total barrel production is currently 20 000 units a year and products are exported to over 20 markets around the world, excluding TN satellite companies in Chile, Argentina, USA, Italy and South Africa.

Toneleria Nacional patented convection toasting for barrels and is still the only cooperage in the world that uses this technology in barrel manufacturing. The toasting process uses the convection flow of hot sterilised air. The flow, time and temperature are carefully monitored by sophisticated computer software. This creates a unique flavour profile and ensures 100% repeatability year after year.

Innovation and constant improvement led to the recent evolution in brand identity. Toneleria Nacional changed its name to TN Coopers at the beginning of this year. The new brand, and trade name, is an expression of who we are: An innovative company with a youthful spirit that expresses its wood expertise in the creation of iconic cooper products.

We are a company that adheres to fundamental family values. Our worldwide team is committed to its clients and we never compromise on quality or ethical values. TN Coopers works hand-in-hand with the global wine industry, helping winemakers across the wine regions of the world to create masterpieces through the intelligent use of world-class oak products.

As part of the new brand identity it was decided to look for land where a new cooperage could be built, not only for the manufacturing of products, but also as place where our clients can feel at home. It is with this in mind that a 60 ha piece of land was bought about two years ago at the entrance of the Casablanca Valley in Chile. Casablanca is one of the best-known wine regions in the world and renowned for the production of exceptional white wines. Today TN Coopers is proud to call this valley home. The project is one of the biggest investments in the Chilean wine industry in recent years and boasts a magnificent facility that houses the latest technology in the cooperage industry.

True to our vision of being innovative we recently launched a barrel range made of acacia and cherry wood. This along with new toasting recipes for our existing extended barrel range.

The Fresh Soul toast consists of convection toasting done over a long period of time at lower temperatures. The result is a barrel that preserves the natural fruit, adds structure to the palate, and results in a wine with good balance and elegance. Low levels of phenolic acids (hydroxybezoic acid) are released, making it an exceptional barrel for white wine or delicate reds.

The Sweet Soul is characterised by a quick release of sweetness, but is still respectful to the primary fruit aromas. It’s ideal for wine that lacks a bit of sweetness on the mid-palate.

The Intense Soul is similar to the Sweet Soul but the aroma spectrum is towards the darker side. It includes a profile consisting of spices and dark chocolate, and is recommended for more serious reds that can do with a bit of sweetening on the palate.

Marinus Potgieter

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