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by | Aug 2, 2017 | Development and Transformation, Business and Marketing

The software application known as the South African Wine and Brandy Learner Management System (LMS) has been active and fully functional since 1 June 2017. The main focus of the LMS is to administer, document, track, report and deliver education to the wine industry by means of a one-stop resource.

In a survey conducted by PwC in 2014 on the South African wine industry, it was found that one of the main reasons (in 38% of cases) that employees leave their jobs is due to better career opportunities elsewhere. Cellars have therefore realised the need to focus on ensuring career development and growth to address this trend. This involves improving their human resource practices, with particular focus on improving performance management, succession planning, as well as training and skills development for staff members. This focus on further education and up-skilling of labour is a step in the right direction.

Obstacles to effective education include unavailability of learning and development professionals, restricted development pathways, no effective tools to measure funding spent on training, its impact, or return on investment, and the absence of formal platforms to present ongoing training and training opportunities within the industry.

This is where the LMS comes in.

Winetech strongly encourages all industry stakeholders to visit and register on the LMS. It promises significant long-term benefits in return for a little effort in the beginning. The system will grow as more users realise its benefits and begin to spread the word.

Training service providers can list their business and advertise their courses by registering on the LMS. Producers loaded on the system can search for providers who match their requirements and easily find all the relevant training opportunities. Employees will in turn be issued with proof of their training and the system will generate an online CV with all qualifications obtained.

Industry members and training service providers are invited to contact the LMS office at for assistance and more information about the system.

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