Origins of M•A•N Family Wines inspired by wives, not men

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Article

Behind every wine label is a story, which assists in the creation of a unique market positioning and visual appeal. For José Conde and brothers Tyrrel and Philip Myburgh, the inspiration for the MAN Vintners wine range was deeply personal, starting with the name derived from their own wives’ initials, Marie, Anette and Nicky.

“The idea for the brand came about over a family braai with the Myburghs,” describes José, Director and main MAN, married to Marie. ‘We needed something that incorporated each one of us as partners yet could still be sold in over 30 different countries, many of which don’t speak English as their first language.” He explains: “Our initials didn’t work so we turned to our spouses and MAN was the result. It helps us motivate to them when we have to spend long hours at work over weekends, and it is easy to recognise, read and pronounce across different languages for international appeal.”

The overseas market also had a strong influence on the development of the actual label.  Prior to becoming the owner/winemaker of the award-winning Stark-Condé Wines in Stellenbosch, José spent years in New York City and in Tokyo pursuing a career in graphic design. His international expertise proved invaluable in creating a label that would work in diverse markets. 

“We find in the East for example, wine buyers are attracted to a tactile element in their packaging,” he shares. “Which is why we selected to use a textured, high quality substrate with a high build varnish on the MAN logo for our labels.”

Lebone Paarl Labels is M.A.N. Family Wines’ pressure sensitive labels partner.

His existing print production experience also meant he set the bar very high in terms of quality expectations from the printer. “Core to our business is the creation of quality wine that offered excellent value and great packaging,” highlights José. “Our aim is to provide an everyday wine that also appeals to discerning wine geeks.” He further elaborates:

“We selected Lebone Paarl Labels as our pressure sensitive labels partner as they have made substantial investments in modern equipment that allows them to offer different production capabilities at the highest quality standards.”  José elected to print their newest label on Lebone Paarl Label’s sophisticated HP Indigo digital press instead of UV flexo as it resulted in a brighter print of the grey scale vineyard illustration that features on the design. The high build varnish and gold foiling were added after the print run on the versatile Abg Digicon finishing line. 

MAN Vinters is supported by a group of dedicated grape growers from the Agter-Paarl region.  “From our first 300 cases made in a tractor shed, we have grown to producing over 250 000 cases per year and have recently built a new cellar on Lievland farm to house the production of our wines,” concludes José.  “This will ensure more control of the technical bottling and labelling process moving forward.”

The team at Lebone Paarl Labels is committed to working closely with their clients to deliver customised solutions for their unique requirements. Reliable delivery of exceptional quality pressure sensitive labels (PSL) is assured through their modern UV flexo and digital self-adhesive printing and finishing technology. For more information, visit or email

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