Paying education forward

by | May 3, 2016 | Development and Transformation

Children at Babbel en Krabbel.

Paul Roos Farming has released two premium wines to ensure a better future for children growing up on Rust and Vrede.

It’s often said education is the key to a better future. The Roos family of Rust en Vrede near Stellenbosch has established a sound educational foundation for the children living on their farm.

“The more you invest and afford your people opportunities to better themselves, the more success you’ll achieve,” says Tjuks Roos, a fifth-generation Roos who farms with his brother, Johan. “These principles were instilled in us while growing up. The relationship we have with our employees is invaluable. We dream together and do things together like one big family.”

Tjuks’ right-hand man is Piet Adams. He was born and raised on Rust en Vrede and is currently a viticulturist and mentor on the farm. Tjuks and Piet grew up together and work hand in hand today.

In 1983 the Roos family started a crèche on the farm for the children of full-time and contract workers. Babbel and Krabbel offers a safe learning environment for a total of 17 children and provides them with the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve their maximum potential.

Anna-Marie Adams heads up the crèche and has been there since its inception. She runs a tight ship with her two assistants, Lizzy Sass and Mary Februarie. The three women have completed numerous teaching courses to ensure they’re up to date with the educational programme and comply with health and social worker criteria.

In a further effort to make a difference in the lives of children living on the farm, Paul Roos Farming, the Roos family’s empowerment project, released two premium wines in November last year. Rugby legend and teacher Paul Roos was born on Rust en Vrede in 1880 and the two new wines – The Philanthropist and The Headmaster – have been named in his honour. Proceeds from the sales of these wines will be used to send the children to school or university.

“For us, as beneficiaries of Paul Roos Farming, it means a lot knowing that thanks to the Paul Roos wines provision is being made to better the future of our children,” assistant winemaker on the farm Ricardo Adams says.

“We’re busy with a few new exciting projects on the farm, one of which is to build a bigger crèche. Watch this space,” Tjuks says with a proud smile.

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