Porex SA partners with TMCI

by | Jun 29, 2020 | Wineland

Porex SA is proud to be the new sole agent for Italian wine and juice equipment manufacturer TMCI Padovan. TMCI is a well-known name in the South African wine industry. This partnership enables Porex to now offer new high-solids crossflow filters. 


This energy-saving high-solids crossflow filter suits medium to small cellars with lower daily volume demands. It’s a filter-aid-free alternative to the vacuum and press filters for juice and wine lees. Crossflow filtration is actuated with a series of rotary discs that spin into the product to be filtered through 0.2 micron. It’s a self-cleaning process and discs are open and fully inspectable. The filtered product can be bottled directly as with a traditional crossflow filter.

Nitor CER

The Padovan Nitor CER crossflow filter is suitable for medium-sized to bigger cellars that require high daily flow rates. The unit is ideal for wine filtration after harvest.

The Nitor CER crossflow filter with ceramic membranes is available in three versions: the LS (low solids) for liquids with a low-solids content, the MS for liquids with medium-solids content and the MHS for liquids with medium to high-solids content.



Thanks to its hygienic design and high resistance to low and high temperatures, this filter can be used in a variety of applications in the beverage industry, including carbohydrates, viscous liquids, dairy, food and non-food corrosive products.

Cellar trials

Cellars are moving to high-solid crossflow filters to regain the maximum liquid from high solids in suspension that will otherwise go to waste. This technology eliminates the conventional process of using DE powder for lees filtration. Trials done this year at wine cellars have provided valuable information on the way forward. The main problem is to maintain high flow rates with different solid contents.

Porex offers a solution for achieving better flow rates and general volumes by incorporating an additional unit to reduce the solid content and maximise the flow rate. Tests done in wineries over the past three years have shown that we can supply a full recovery process for each winery. Results show that we get up to 94.5% recovery from the lees and the system can handle from 10-80% solids. The results show a 20% better recovery compared with any other system on the market.



Niel Du Toit | 021 862 0232 | 082 323 6787 | smanager@porex.co.za porex.co.za

Pieter Rossouw | 076 256 9445

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