Rascallion labels: A journey for the senses

by | Apr 20, 2021 | Article

A journey for the senses is how one could best describe Rascallion’s new Winemaker’s Collection and the beautiful labels that will grace the bottles. The winemaking and design inspiration is deeply personal, sourced from across generations and continents, with the final experience from touch to taste telling a story of innovation and excellence by doing things differently.

Ross Sleet, managing director and “The Rascal” behind the Rascallion brand has two passions, wine and travel, with his profession in the former ensuring an abundance of the latter, pre-Covid of course! He opened up his pink box of family memories to share some of the stories behind his remarkable heritage which are reflected in the stunning label designs.’

“The first wine of the series is named after the original rascal in our family, my grandfather, Edward Ross after whom I was named,” explains Sleet. “He had a colourful life indeed with many entanglements but his military medals bear testament to a life of bravery. Just as the mystery that surrounds his life fuels the imagination, so do the enigmatic flavours of this superb blend of Cabernet, Shiraz and Grenache take the consumer’s taste buds on an aromatic adventure.”

Ross Sleet, managing director of Rascallion Wines showing his grandfather Edward Ross’s war memorabilia.

The label of the second of the series, “A Mother’s Journey,” encloses a sophisticated Shiraz and provides tantalising images from Edward’s daughter story, from her upbringing in East Africa to sea voyages to distant places. “My mom also dared to be different, courageously defying her family to pursue a medical career,” shares Sleet. “Her love for owls and frogs adds a quirky interest factor to this packaging.”

Sleet rounds off this exclusive wine range with an exceptional Chenin Blanc, called the “Devonian,” as a testament to his father’s life. “He was raised in North Devon where fossil hunting is considered a sport,” highlights Sleet. “The images on this sea themed label reflect this as well as his roots in this fascinating coastal region.”

Sleet approached Lebone Paarl Labels to bring the intricate designs to life with their sophisticated printing and finishing expertise. “I trusted them to do the job as they have the specialised technology, understanding and experience of the application thereof,” comments Sleet. “They walked me through every step of the process giving me exceptional advice from selection of paper to final production.

Jackie van Zyl, sales representative at this established pressure sensitive label company shares her experience: “This was a dynamic project in which we explored innovations in the application of different production techniques to make the label truly spotlight the Rascallion brand.” She continues: “This included the recommendation to add a sandpaper varnish to create both visual and tactile contrast between the high build varnished elements and the rest of the label

The label was printed on Lebone Paarl Label’s modern HP Indigo WS6800 digital press with an underprint of Silver HP ElectroInk to give a subtle glow. The gold foiling, high build and sandpaper varnish were completed on the versatile ABG Digicon Series 3 Digital Finishing Line to produce labels that catch the eye, engage the imagination and invite your fingers to travel across the surface to explore the richness of these premium wines. “As with our whole Rascallion range, we designed these wines to provide an easy, exceptional drinking experience to enjoy in special places with good food and company,” concludes Sleet.

The team at Lebone Paarl Labels is committed to working closely with their clients to deliver customised solutions for their unique requirements. Reliable delivery of exceptional quality pressure sensitive labels (PSL) is assured through their modern UV flexo and digital self-adhesive printing and finishing technology. For more information, visit www.lpaarllabels.co.za or email info@lpaarllabels.co.za.

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