A toast to fine oak

A toast to fine oak

The use of wood is an integral part of winemaking, but the implications of using this natural material extend beyond the cellar. By Bernard Mocke   The commercialisation of oak barrels started when the Roman armies and traders of old replaced clay amphorae with...

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  • Congratulations to our very own @anton_asbak for earning the prestigious #DiageoRDMA Best Magazine #ResponsibleDrinking award. You make us proud!
  • The prize has arrived and is being locked away safely in our cellar.  If you want to get your hands on a 12-bottle case of @ridgebackwines SGMV 2014 (valued at R1500), make sure you submit your best pet pic of your wine woof or cellar pooch. Tag @winelandmedia and hashtag #sadogsofwine. Competition ends 15 November, but don’t delay! T&Cs apply.
  • Sauvi would like to wish her fellow #SADogsofWine good luck for the @winelandmedia competition. 
Winners will be announced in November. 
You are in for a treat 😉with @ridgebackwines 
Wishing our fellow Wine growers all the best for the upcoming season. #saharvest2020 is just around the corner. 
#winelandtakeover with @riandrivisser and #adogcalledsauvignon
  • Teamwork makes the dream work!
@capepointvineyardsofficial ! 
Tag @winelandmedia and use the official #SADogsofWine when you post your pics of you and your dogs of wine. 
#winelandtakeover with @riandrivisser and #adogcalledsauvignon
  • It’s the perfect day for Sauvignon Blanc with @adriaandelangej and #adogcalledsauvignon 
If you are sharing a glass or two with your #SADogsofWine , remember to tag @winelandmedia 
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  • Our Sauvignon is in good hands @capepointvineyardsofficial 
Share your #SADogsofWine photos and tag @winelandmedia to enter the competition. 
#winelandtakeover with @riandrivisser and #adogcalledsauvignon
  • #SAdogsofWine know when they are in for a treat! 
Especially when it’s a bottle of Noordhoek Sauvignon Blanc with @anzettevisser at @capepointvineyardsofficial 
Post pics of your #SADogsofWine, tag @winelandmedia and stand a chance to win some amazing wine. 
Follow the #winelandtakeover with myself, @riandrivisser and #adogcalledsauvignon
  • Now there’s a dog with good taste. 
If only we could train her to present wine tastings 🤔
#SADogsofWine #adogcalledsauvignon
  • A bottle of wine has the capability of telling stories without saying a word...I think dogs are the same. In this case the dog is part of my story. @riandrivisser 
#adogcalledsauvignon #SADogsofWine #winelandtakeover

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