Rebuilding a community through education

by | Jan 29, 2021 | Article, News, Wineland

Arniston is one of the oldest traditional active fishing communities in South Africa with the unfortunate conditions of being a lesser privileged community.  The Arniston Community Development Trust exists to benefit the people of Arniston, providing students with financial assistance to complete tertiary studies for a brighter future.

Established in 2004, the Trust assists students from the Arniston community to complete their studies. It saw three student applications in its first year. Since then, the number of students have grown rapidly.

Only students and/or prospective students from the Arniston community may apply to the Trust for help. The only requirement is admittance to a university or some other recognised educational and training institution. Beneficiaries must show in their first year that they are willing and able to study and improve their skills. In the years that follow, students are eligible for larger bursaries and this depends on how well they perform and how difficult the course is.

The date, the trust has assisted more than 50 students with bursaries towards tertiary qualifications.

Arniston Bay & Delhaize

The collaboration between Arniston Bay Wines and Delhaize commenced in 2014 when Delhaize decided to support the Arniston Bay Community Trust to uplift the youth in the Arniston community.

To date, the Trust received R1 250 000 from Stellenbosch Vineyards and Delhaize with both parties contributing equal amounts. These funds are generated from sales of Arniston Bay Wines generated in Delhaize.

Arniston Bay Students:

A few students have completed their medical or nursing degrees and two of the students are currently working on the frontline against the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amanda Afrika:

  • Graduated in 2016 with a BSc degree in Human Physiology.
  • Started studying medicine at Stellenbosch University in 2017.
  • Amanda is currently a 5th year medical student and consistently obtains excellent academic results.
  • She has done previous clinical rotations and recently completed a one at her brothers doctor’s practice in Mossel Bay. Wilhelm, her brother, is also a medical doctor that studied through the Trust.

Amanda Contact details: or 078 434 3618

Roxzanne Flynn:

  • Completed her nursing degree in 2016.
  • She received the award for the best overall student in the fourth year course.
  • She started working at the Bredaasdorp Hospital in 2017, where she is still based.
  • She also competed a Postgraduate Diploma in “Primere Gesondheid” – cum laude.

Roxzanne Contact Details: or 078 6119950

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