RMB WineX 2020 goes virtual with ‘Wine in Your Own Time’ campaign

by | Nov 8, 2020 | Article

Just because you cannot come to the RMB WineX this year, organisers of one of South Africa’s favourite wine shows is bringing the event to your doorstep!

And guess what? It’s free … That’s right, no ticket required this year. Gratis. Mahala. For natha!

The RMB WineX 2020 was always going to be a different experience …

Since 2000, RMB WineX has always been about sampling the country’s finest wines, engaging with our most talented producers, discovering the wonderful stories behind the labels. And 2020 is no different… Except that this year it’s all happening in the comfort of your own home.

RMB WineX has always been about innovation: it started life as the country’s first consumer-driven wine show. Every year since then it evolved, setting new standards, creating new ways for the country’s finest winemakers to engage with the ever-growing wine market in Gauteng.

Covid-19 has made it impossible for organisers and attendees to all gather under one roof at the Sandton Convention Centre. However, out of this disruption, traditional values have produced innovative ideas. Since you cannot come to RMB WineX, the show will come to you.

Any time from 9 November until the end of the year, gather your friends and family for Wine In Your Own Time. You will be able to connect via the RMB WineX website to a three minute clip, succinct but timeless, presented by each producer and designed to add a personal touch to your home tasting experience.

So invite your friends, explore the 2020 wine list via Wineries, buy the wine and line up your glasses.

RMB WineX 2020 WINE IN YOUR OWN TIME. The 2020 WINE LIST and WINERIES are online from 26 October. The tasting videos by the winemakers will be available from 9 November. Your own hand-picked crowd. Your own wine and dine time. Fun and Fascinating. Cheers!

How you participate in this year’s RMB WineX 2020?

*  Log on to http://www.winex.co.za and watch the welcome video.

*  View the list of 267 wines from 61 wineries.

*  Invite your family and friends to join you for RMB WineX in your own home (any time from 9 November, when the videos go live).

*  Buy your wines – either from the farms directly (to support a Cape Winelands-based feeding scheme) or from a local wine retailer.

*  Prepare your tasting stations.

*  Set yourself a reminder and from 9 November enjoy your wine and dine time with some insights from the winemaker and the company of your own hand-picked crowd.


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