Sawis highlights of 2017

by | Dec 4, 2017 | Wineland, Business and Marketing

In 2017 Sawis established a partnership with the Bureau for Economic Research to assist in various aspects of its knowledge management strategy.

The Bureau has developed a comprehensive market forecast model (global and local) that can be used together with the production forecast model and the BFAP equilibrium model to present the industry with various scenarios to assist in informed decision making.

Wine Quarterly

Three editions of the Wine Quarterly were published:

  • Q1 March: Macro-economic Trends, World Wine Market Update, SA Wine Market Update (production, stock, consumption, exports);
  • Q2 July/August: SA Liquor Consumption Patterns, Overview of Global Liquor Consumption;
  • Q3 November: Global and Local Supply and Demand, Global Economic Review, Forecasts.

In close collaboration with Wosa, Sawis built on market and consumer research done in the USA, Africa and China as part of Wise and commissioned and oversaw research in Germany, Canada and Sweden. Feedback sessions with good attendance from industry were held and feedback sessions with importers in the respective countries will also be conducted.

Sawis Online

The launch of the first phase of Sawis Online was an exciting milestone. This encompasses the Sawis 1 (vineyard status), 2 (registering of farms), 3 (registering of all other entities) and application to press grapes (BG1). Sawis are also hard at work to ensure the application programme interface is streamlined to facilitate the exchange of relevant information between Wine Online, Wieta and industry management solution service providers.

Sawis Online paves the way for an industry integrated system taking its services to a new level. One of the objectives of the new system is to merge the certification and information systems, thus reducing duplication and increasing inter-departmental cooperation. Efficient cross-pollination improves data verification and increases the capacity to accommodate industry objectives. This project will ease the workload on both Sawis and the industry in capturing information, allowing greater focus on the validation of information, improved customer service and expanded dissemination of generic information.

In store for 2018

The specifications and development of Sawis Online phase 2 will commence in 2018, which will eventually incorporate all Sawis processes. The next step is the press register dealing with all grapes produced and delivered. Initial work on the stock flow programme will also be finalised.

The SAWIS local market data will be aligned and re-worked monthly/quarterly to supply industry with relevant and more comprehensive pricing category information.

Finally, the information portfolio, scheduling and format in which information is disseminated will be reviewed in collaboration with the other industry units and the industry information committee.

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