SAWIS’s statement in response to COVID-19

by | Mar 20, 2020 | Covid-19

Protocol has been put in place to handle the COVID-19 situation and information is passed on to all staff on a continuous basis.

The majority of SAWIS cannot work from home due to the nature of the work environment and continued service delivery, especially in the case of inspection and certification.

High risk staff will work from home.

Personnel who are ill are not allowed on site.

Strict hygiene measures are in place.

We continue to serve the industry with information. The first Quarterly of 2020 will address, among other things, elements of the COVID-19 situation and the economic challenges we face.

We continue to conduct inspections, draw wine samples for submission, certify wine and issue seals.

Social distancing during inspection and presentation of tasting panels is encouraged.

SAWIS inspectors comply with the measures set by the cellars visited.

If the premises where test panels take place do not already have measures in place, the SAWIS inspector must put hygiene measures in place.

SAWIS courses have been postponed until further notice.

Meetings and client visits to the SAWIS premises are discouraged.

We continuously monitor the situation, adjust where necessary and ensure that we adhere to the guidelines set by all parties involved.

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