Sole proprietors and trusts unable to register on Bizportal

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Article

We are aware that many of you are unable to register on the Bizportal platform for CIPC certification, due to the fact that you are sole proprietors/trusts. Although not a requirement in general, you might run into trouble once you start loading containers and the documentation must be presented at different check-points and/or as per the attached SAMSA-letter.

The DSBD does not seem to be issuing any type of document or certificate at this point for sole proprietors and the like at this point in time. Following communication with the DTI, the following has been suggested for any entity/ trader that is not registered with the CIPC:

We hope this will further assist you, however please note that this was merely a suggestion and we cannot provide guarantees on this. We will also try to get the message out to those at the ports that sole proprietors and trusts cannot register on bizportal. Please let us know if you continue to have problems in this regard –

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