SOLEIL Société Club launch ‘talking wine kits’ for a worthy cause

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Article, News

SOLEIL Société Club has launched a distinctive range of specially-curated wine tasting kits, making wine tasting more personal and accessible, while supporting a worthy cause.

Proceeds from the sale of SOLEIL Société Club‘s unique range of wine tasting kits — complete with personal voice notes from the winemaker telling you about the wine — is donated to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Conservation Champions initiative.

SOLEIL Société Club wine tasting kits are idiosyncratic. They talk to you! Every vinitube in a SOLEIL Société Club kit includes a personal voice note from the winemaker or the winery telling you about the wine.



SOLEIL Société Club’s ‘talking wine tasting’ kits.


The winemaker also discusses various other food pairings suggestions. The kit takes you on a sensory journey of each wine featured in the kit.

Ten premium wines from wineries and cellars throughout the Cape Winelands, and part of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Conservation Champions, were selected.

The wines include Darling Cellars Old Bush Vines Chenin Blanc 2020, Cloof The Sexy Shiraz 2018, Strandveld First Sighting Sauvignon Blanc 2020, Le Pommier Mac Cabernet Franc/Malbec 2020,

Fat Bastard The Golden Reserve 2020, Louisvale Chardonnay 2020, Lammershoek White Mysteries 2017, Nederburg Double Barrel-Reserve 2020, Flagstone Poetry Cinsault Rosé 2021 and Van Loveren Sauvignon Blanc 2021.

A whopping 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the kits will be donated to the WWF.



By purchasing these kits for yourself or as corporate gifts you’ll be supporting a worthy initiative and noble cause.

The goal of the SOLEIL Société Club is to make wine tasting more personal, more accessible and less intimidating.

It allows wine lovers to discover new wines, get food pairing tips and take advantage of special offers from the wineries to purchase the wines they enjoyed. The kit also makes the wine tasting experience more interactive and entertaining.

Besides the wine tasting kits, SOLEIL Société Club hosts wine tasting events, food and wine pairing dinners and special events partnering with restaurants, hotels and wine clubs, including competitions and promotional offers.

SOLEIL: Supporting WWF Conservation Champions

The WWF Conservation Champions initiative provide a powerful synergy opportunity between the conservation sector and the wine industry.

A need exists to collaborate and address shared risks and opportunities such as clearing river catchments of water-thirsty alien vegetation as well as preventing wildfires.

Wineries have a responsibility to ensure that farming activities are done in harmony with nature, and that the natural areas are protected especially when expanding into highly-threatened conservation habitats.

The WWF provides advisory support to eligible and committed wine farms as part of a biodiversity and water stewardship programme and offers recognition to those who are committed to farming with nature, not against it.



For more information and to see which other wineries are part of this unique collaborative initiative have a look at the WWF’s website.

The WWF Conservation Champions Kits can be ordered on the SOLEIL website.

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SOLEIL Société Club is a wine, food and lifestyle club for residents in Sunset Links, Sunset Beach and Sunset Village.

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