South Africa Wine Cellar Assistants’ Programme 2024: Information days and workshops for senior cellar assistants

by | Apr 1, 2024 | Practical in the cellar, Technical

The Cellar Assistants’ Programme will host information days and workshops in 2024 in the participating districts. This will contribute to knowledge transfer to cellar assistants employed in the industry. Feedback from cellars confirmed a serious need for the development and transfer of practical, general knowledge referring to winemaking processes, which will add value to the careers of participants. Increased knowledge of winemaking procedures results in cellar assistants developing an improved insight into assignments and providing the required background, resulting in fewer errors.

Elzette du Preez, a qualified winemaker, will present the information days and senior workshops in Afrikaans and English.


Information days for cellar assistants

Three information days will be hosted from the end of May until mid-June in Stellenbosch, Wellington and the Breedekloof area.

The programme content will include the following:

  • What is new in the wine industry?
  • An introduction to white wine cultivars, discussing origin, vineyard cultivation, harvesting, winemaking and various wine styles.

An independent, registered social worker, Greta Grobler, will present a valuable session on successful teamwork and the value of ethics and integrity in the workplace.


Workshops for senior cellar assistants

Three workshops will be hosted in August in Stellenbosch, Wellington and Robertson for senior cellar assistants who have completed the Wine Training SA SKOP 3 qualification (confirmation will be required) and are bilingual.

The senior workshop programme will include the following:

  • The South African wine industry – our challenges and strengths.
  • An in-depth discussion of white wine cultivars – how does one identify these cultivars in the vineyard and the cellar? What makes each unique, and what do they lend themselves to in terms of wine styles and wine preparation?
  • A tasting will be included to illustrate the above.

An independent, registered social worker, Greta Grobler, will discuss responsible leadership and the value of ethics and integrity in the workplace. Notes will be available electronically in Afrikaans and English.


Participation is free of charge, but prior booking is essential, and enrolments will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Confirmation of ID numbers, gender, race, and citizenship will be requested. Attendance registers will be available electronically to participating cellars. A letter confirming the financial value of the information day will be available to participating cellars towards the end of 2024.


For more information, please contact Santi Basson at or 072 298 8186.


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