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by | Oct 4, 2017 | Development and Transformation

The National Liquor Authority (NLA) Seminar on Transformation in the Liquor Industry was hosted to engage with stakeholders regarding the way forward for transformation in the industry.

Transformation will prioritise primary ownership, skills development, and enterprise development. The NLA indicated that Government wishes to partner with role players to achieve these objectives. For this purpose, Government is prepared to match any funding proposal put forward by business.

The NLA emphasised transformation is required at community level, so that is where policy beneficiaries have to be located.

Unfortunately, discussions in 2007 on a plan with a 2017 target date were unfruitful. Generic codes on BBBEE have now been approved and it is up to the industry to revive the process if it wants to produce a sector charter.

On behalf of the SA Liquor Brand Owners Association (Salba), Mr Kurt Moore mentioned that some relevant government departments are not included in processes or do not cooperate, which creates difficulties for industry initiatives.


Stakeholders made it clear that a ban or restriction on advertising would make it impossible for new entrants to establish a brand.

Retail liquor licenses

The South African Liquor Traders’ Association (Salta), highlighted the problems taverners encounter when trying to obtain liquor licenses, such as restrictive zoning and insufficient funding.

The way forward

The NLA indicated they are prepared to assist with drafting an industry charter and that role players, including other government departments, must be identified but that the onus is on the industry to engage with them in this regard.

Compliance level

Unfortunately, the current status of the Liquor Amendment Bill, including the proposal that the Minister be empowered to determine a level of compliance with BBBEE, was not raised at the seminar.

For more information on these developments, please contact Danie Cronje at danie@daniecronje.com

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