Team Porex SA stronger than ever

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Production

Since going at it alone, Porex SA has gone from strength to strength and now offers three distinct services.

Porex SA recently parted ways with the RX Group and now operates from its new premises at Bernheim Wines on the R45 near Paarl. Despite the change the company’s mission remains the same: Servicing the industry with well-known, high-quality filtration and separation products and providing unsurpassed personal service.

“We’ve been in South Africa for the past 16 years and pride ourselves in supplying the beverage industry with topend German-manufactured products,” technical sales manager Lionel Dickens says. “Great products mean nothing if you can’t back them up with great aftersales service. This is the main reason we decided to appoint Riaan Ehlers as technical manager of our after-sales department.”

Lionel has established three distinct business pillars for the mother company.

Porex SA is the agent for three top-end filtration and separation products. Lionel is responsible for the technical sales of these brands in South Africa and the rest of Africa.

As sole distributor of Flottweg, Cadalpe and Begerow/Eaton products in Africa, Porex SA is ideally positioned to supply filtration and separation solutions and products to the beverage industry across the continent. It also provides technical advice on how to cut costs by recovering 100% of the separated product, waste product and all.



Riaan Ehlers, technical sales manager Lionel Dickens Anneke Steenkamp, technical sales manager.
Robin Goldie

Lionel believes after-sales service is the backbone of any company and says Porex SA is constantly improving its backup service. “We’re going all out to increase backup to support clients who buy machines from us.”

Riaan Ehlers, technical sales manager Porex Cavetech is responsible for technical support and service and is managed by Riaan Ehlers. He’s also in charge of sales for Willmes, Armbruster and oenopompe products. His 15 years’ technical experience in the wine industry pays off when it comes to providing clients with product advice to suit their needs.

Riaan says providing service that keeps clients happy is what his division is all about. “By delivering world-class service to the South African wine industry we stay relevant.”

Porex Biochem supplies the wine, juice and spirits industries with a comprehensive range of biotechnology products, including yeasts, enzymes and bentonite.

Porex Biochem’s main focus is supplying the wine and spirits industries with top-quality Erbslöh wine preparation products. Technical sales manager Anneke Steenkamp says her top priority is to expand her existing client base throughout South Africa to get traction in the juice, wine and spirits markets.

“Fortunately I work with high-quality products that are respected worldwide,” she says. “I also have a fantastic support team consisting of highly experienced people with integrity.”

Lionel’s priority for the next financial year is to keep the company’s turnover stable. He’s supported by a strong team consisting of Anneke, Riaan and Robin Goldie, who’s responsible for financial and logistical operations.

“We need to balance financial and logistical requirements so we can focus on increasing market segment, customer satisfaction and sustainability,” Robin says.

The company’s biggest challenge is the volatility of the rand. “The exchange rate varies constantly and as products are sold in rand exchange losses are common. The current exchange rate also makes importing machines difficult as the prices are steep for wineries that sell products in the local market.”

Lionel emphasises the importance of teamwork at Porex SA. “We’re privileged to have great agencies that supply us with great machines and support. And we’re even more privileged to have loyal people who work for the company. Porex SA is about the team and the expertise each of us brings to the table. This company belongs to the team. I believe ownership creates loyalty and a great work ethic. I’m excited about the road ahead.”

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