There’s a treasure in that chest

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Wineland, Business and Marketing

A joint action group from the Western Cape, consisting of 13 black-owned brands and one BEE company in the wine industry, is showcasing their wines to the rest of the country.

This grouping of self-made winepreneurs launched under the name of Treasure Chest in November 2016, plotting a new path to transformation in the 360-year-old wine and agriculture sector, where less than 2% of the industry is black-owned.

The Treasure Chest’s perseverance, determination and strong desire to work collectively to penetrate the untransformed wine industry and be more active in the mainstream South African economy is a prime example for future entrepreneurs who might be struggling to enter other industries in South Africa. Treasure Chest wines are on the shelves of leading retailers, winners of numerous international awards and now export collectively to over 25 countries.

Aimed primarily at trade, wine buyers, sommeliers, retail, hospitality and tourism industries, the wine-loving public and all wine enthusiasts are invited to attend this historic exclusive event, bridging the gap between key industry influencers, public and the Treasure Chest wine brand owners.

In support of this initiative encompassing economic development and transformation, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF), National Marketing Agriculture Council (NAMC) and the Wine Transformation Committee pledged their support by welcoming the Treasure Chest Roadshows.

The next roadshows take place:

Bloemfontein, 30 March

Pretoria, 25 – 26 April

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