Unique new wine education course launched

by | Jul 5, 2018 | Blog, Lifestyle, News

A unique new course designed to educate wine enthusiasts, beginners and particularly those in the hospitality industry on everything to do with wine, has been launched in the Western Cape.


The Practical Guide to South African Wine, the course will take attendees out to the wine estates where they will get first-hand experience of the process of wine, and meet the people behind the wine that they serve.

Covering everything from wine production to the characteristics and taste of the different wines, as well as the language used to describe the varietals and much more, this three part course is led by Lieze Norval, a Registered wine guide, Oenologist and Viticulturist.

Course contents

Caroline Rillema, owner of Caroline’s Fine Wine Cellar

“During the first part of the course we will taste and discuss the main types of wine and learn to describe them, familiarising the students with the language used when describing wines, and characteristics of the various wines,” explains Norval.

“The second part of the course looks at the history of wine production in South Africa, as well as the geography. The students will learn about the main wine producing regions and which cultivars are associated with each region. We do a comparative tasting to discuss the effect of climate on the resulting wine. This course also covers the principles of wine service, giving each student the opportunity to become more familiar and confident with suggesting, presenting and pouring wine.”

“The final part of the course touches on more current topics in the wine industry. Students will visit and discuss significant winemakers and wineries that have made an impact on our industry in some way,” says Norval. “We also cover the production of Methode Cap Classique, and how to taste sparkling wines, as well as discuss the trend of “natural” wine, organic wine production, and biodynamic farming.”

The Practical Guide to South African Wine course was conceptualised and created by Caroline Rillema, owner of Caroline’s Fine Wine Cellar, a specialist wine retailer situated in central Cape Town. Rillema, who has almost 40 years of experience in the wine industry has a passion for wine that has taken her to all the major wine regions of the world.

Benefits of attending this course
“After twenty years of wine retailing in Cape Town, I have decided to share my experience by embarking on an educational pursuit, which will take the form of wine tours into the winelands, targeted at food and wine personnel in the hospitality industry but also at anyone who wants to learn more about wine,” says Rillema.

“The aim of the course is to set a solid foundation of knowledge for each attendee and because the courses allows students to go out into the winelands and experience things for themselves it allows them to form a lasting passion for wine. The people at work, the beautiful tapestry of the vineyards, the historic buildings, the cellars filled with the smell of wine in production – these are all wonderful experiences to help one learn about wine.”

The course will depart from Caroline’s Fine Wine Cellar at 08h30 and return by 16h00. Each course stage is a full day.

Please contact carowine6@mweb.co.za for more information on the Practical Guide to South African Wine course or visit www.carolineswine.com/the-school-of-fine-wine/


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