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Water management: With the dry season in full swing and water scarcity consistently on the rise, farmers in South Africa have had to adopt smarter water technologies to ensure their crops still produce at optimum levels.

Most of the country’s rainfall occurs during the summer (November to March) while the Western Cape receives the bulk of its rainfall during winter (May to August). During the dry seasons, farmers require effective, cost saving and sustainable contingency plans to limit losses and damage.

Euca Technologies offers a variety of pre-emptive IoT based solutions which will help clients with data and insight which helps them make better decisions and plan for times when water is scarce.

“Our Onset range offers clients products that can measure a variety of parameters which would help our clients manage their water usage sparingly during the drier months. With the correct data, clients can not only use water prudently but also improve crop yields, reduce harmful run off and protect the ecosystem,” explains Peter Van Zyl, Euca Technologies sales manager.

Smart water technologies based on IoT, large data and AI can assist in ensuring that water consumption, conservation and quality is closely navigated. The main objective of smart water management is to ensure reasonable and sustainable water use as well as methods of recycling water resources.



Water management: The compact and rugged HOBO MicroRX station is an easy-to-deploy, low-cost cellular solution for long-term, reliable field monitoring. The HOBO MicroRX station provides continuous logging for a broad range of weather monitoring and microclimate applications with up to five plug-and-play smart sensor inputs.


The constant population growth together with increased environmental issues and pressure on the food and agriculture industries have made water an even more precious asset. IoT technology offers farmers a variety of solutions when it comes to smart water management, these include:

  • smart irrigation;
  • smart water monitoring;
  • water system integration.



IoT technology offers farmers a variety of solutions when it comes to smart water management.


Apart from efficiency and sustainability, using IoT solutions for water management includes the following benefits:

  • forward looking strategy;
  • sustainability;
  • optimised cost;
  • automated and optimised use of human resources;
  • rapid response.

For more info about Euca Technologies contact Peter Van Zyl on 012 362 3271 or send an email to peter@euca.co.za

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ALSO READ: Cape Town Ports plan R16.1b investment over next 7 years

Mireille Wenger, Western Cape’s Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, says the R16.1 billion capital investment spending plan for Western Cape Ports is good news, but needs to be “front loaded” over next 3 years

Media reports that Transnet National Ports Authority plans to spend R16.1 billion rand on improving the Western Cape’s ports over the next seven years is positive news that will help improve investor confidence, especially as we approach peak season for key sectors that make use of port services.

Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) announced that three ports along the Western Cape coast will receive upgrades to the tune of R16.1 billion over the next seven years, according to the Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA).

Mossel Bay, Saldanha, and Cape Town ports, identified as the TNPA’s Western Region, are being upgraded to “efficiently facilitate trade”.

The lion’s share of the Western Region’s capital investment programme, some R8.4 billion, will go to Saldanha. This port is unique in that it has a purpose-built rail link directly connected to a jetty bulk loading facility for the shipment of iron ore. In addition to moving iron ore, Saldanha also has facilities to handle crude oil.

A total of R5.5 billion has been allocated to Cape Town over a seven-year period, and R2.2 billion will be used to upgrade the infrastructure of Mossel Bay’s port. More than R450 million will be spent as part of the TNPA’s capital investment programme in the current financial year.

“The sharing of this information also demonstrates a commitment to transparency, which the Western Cape Government has personally experienced, and which we warmly welcome,” says Wenger.

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