WBWE 2022: SA has strong presence in global bulk wine trade

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According to the organisers of the World Bulk Wine Exhibition, South Africa has bounced back strongly, gaining some serious traction in the global bulk wine market following two years of record low exports.

The good news for South Africa is that bulk wine exports are continuously on the rise. After having experienced extremely low export figures in 2019 and 2020 — largely due to the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions — sales of bulk wine recovered in 2021, surging by almost 50%.

This recovery has been consolidated in 2022 thanks to exports increasing by 27% during the first five months of the year, slightly surpassing one million hectolitres (1.01 million hl.).




“South Africa’s bulk wine exports increased by 27% between January and May 2022, exceeding one million hectolitres. Following two recorded years of low export figures (2019 and 2020), the recovery that we have already witnessed in 2021 has been consolidated in 2022.”

This is according to a press release issued by the World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE).

The 14th annual major global bulk wine trade fair will be hosted at RAI Amsterdam again this year, from 21-22 November 2022.

According to the release, the United Kingdom’s purchases of South African bulk wine have skyrocketed; therefore, the UK has consolidated itself as the primary market for South African bulk wine, at higher prices.



Bulk wine producers from across the world gather under one roof at the annual World Bulk Wine Exhibition (WBWE) in Amsterdam.


Moreover, the WBWE have also noticed a massive spike in sales of South African bulk wine to Italy and France, both major international wine producing countries.

South African bulk producers have made serious inroads in Canadian markets, as well as European supplying countries such as Denmark, The Netherlands and Belgium. “South African bulk wine exports to these countries have soared.” Among the top 15 main markets, Sweden and China were the only countries that dropped in terms of purchases.

The WBWE brings together international buyers looking to buy wines from South Africa. “The WBWE remains a viable and amazing opportunity for bulk wine producers and wineries in South Africa,” says WBWE.

The following wineries have already booked their place at the WBWE 2022: Robertson Winery; The Bulk Wine Centre; UniWines; Arbelos Wines; Lutzville Vineyards; Origin Wine Stellenbosch and Cape Wine Exporters.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to feature at the world’s leading bulk wine fair trade show.

To book your spot at the WBWE 2022, CLICK HERE


About WBWE

The WBWE is the leading international trade fair for the bulk wine sector, and the meeting point for wineries, distilleries and international buyers from across the world. It presents the opportunity of discovering a high percentage of the world’s harvest in just two days and at a single location.

At the fair, you can find little treasures, excellent high-end premium wines to be bottled by third parties or for private labels. If you produce or seek quality wines in large volumes, the WBWE is the right place for you.

Every year, the WBWE brings together some of the most prominent professionals to discuss the trends that represent the present and the future of the bulk wine sector.




Sustainability, creativity, design, new technologies, alternative packaging methods, new consumers and private labels’ huge business opportunities are the hot topics of discussion both for wineries and bulk wine buyers.

Learn more about the keynote speakers who participate in the WBWE and discover their amazing talks.

The International Bulk Wine Competition, hosted at the WBWE every year, offers a great opportunity for businesses to promote their wines to potential buyers, to benchmark their wine quality and to source potential business possibilities. Any winery that elaborates quality bulk wine and wants to broaden its international market can participate.

The WBWE also features a silent tasting room area where attendees can discover all the wines participating in the fair in a completely independent and well-documented way.

For more information, contact Cristina Miranda, marketing director at WBWE, on marketing@worldbulkwine.com. Alternatively, visit www.worldbulkwine.com

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