Wine grape scion material sales drop

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Business and Marketing

vititecVititec annually supplies 95% of all wine grape scion material to the local nursery industry.

This season was one of the worst experienced as only 12.2 million buds were sold compared to the 18 million of the previous year (67% decrease), making it the least material sold it 20 years.

The top five cultivars sold were Chenin Blanc (52% decrease), Sauvignon Blanc (3.8% increase), Colombar (59% decrease), Chardonnay (3.7% increase) and Cabernet Sauvignon (4% less). Looking at the top 5 cultivars sold, these are the ones most popular in the local market, as well as the export market. With less material ordered, however, wine grape farmers must keep in mind the availability of these cultivars will come into question, as well as the price of grafted vines in 2017. – Nico Spreeth, Vititec

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