Wines of Elgin get a fresh new identity

by | Dec 8, 2023 | Article, Business and Marketing, News

“Wines of Elgin: Distinctive by Nature”

Wines of Elgin have undergone a fresh re-branding to ensure that the region stands strongly, and uniquely, amidst the competitive international landscape. While Cool Climate remains at the core of Elgin’s wine style, there was a desire to create a more meaningful message.

Paul Clüver, Chairman of Wines of Elgin, believes that building a strong regional identity is equally important to the individual identity of producers. “Elgin producers realise that their individual identities depend on the image and reputation associated with the Elgin region, as it is the distinctive and unique features of our address that play the most important role in distinguishing members’ individual wines. With our cool climate, the coolest of all the Cape’s wine regions, our non negotiable affinity with this unique natural environment, in which our wines as grown, as well as the reputation Elgin has achieved for being a collective accepted for making excellent and distinguished wines, this new brand identity and our tagline is all-encompassing and represent the collective’s shared values.”

The logo has been designed by one of our Members, Albert Rousset from Idun Wines, who explains that “Our logo draws inspiration from our distinctively rare marsh rose (endemic to Elgin), found here within the magnificent backdrop of the Kogelberg biosphere and Groenland Mountain amphitheater, making up the natural boundaries of the Elgin wine region. Within this emblem you’ll also find the graceful swirl in a glass, the harmonious interplay of elegance, passion, and tradition that defines the character of our wines.”

We look forward to introducing this fresh identity and growing the reputation of Wines of Origin Elgin, which, by their nature, are distinctive in both terroir and style.

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