Technical problems sometimes develop in wine cellars and may require urgent expert attention.

Eugene van ZylWinetech decided to set up such an industry task team under the auspices of the Winetech Oenology committee with Charl Theron as convenor.

The permanent members of the task team are Prof. Joël van Wyk (convenor) and Eugene van Zyl (VinPro). The convenor is free to request assistance from other experts at the University of Stellenbosch Department of Oenology, the Institute for Wine Biotechnology or ARC – Fruit, Vine and Wine Research Institute (Nietvoorbij).

Producers with problems may phone 021 8073370 (Charl Theron’s office), who will notify the task team.

At the request of the cellar(s) or producer(s) experiencing the problem, a visit by the task team is arranged and the problem discussed. Appropriate samples, depending on the task team’s recommendations, will then be analysed by the IWBT or ARC or other laboratories. For problem identification the producer in question pays R250/hour/consultant plus travel and accommodation and transport costs to remunerate the consultants via Winetech. The recommended analyses at the appropriate laboratory are also paid for by the producer or cellar. Interpretation of the analyses or recommendations are handled by the task team, the same tariff being applicable.

In the case of viticultural problems, Ernst le Roux ( 021 808 7614 ), chairman of Winetech’s viticultural committee, may be contacted. A task team will then be appointed, depending on the kind of problems, to investigate the case. The fees and modus operandi will be as set out above for the oenological task team.

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