WoSA launches ‘Spectacular South Africa’ wine campaign; here’s how you can get involved

by | May 13, 2020 | News

Wines of South Africa is launching a campaign on social media and online to promote South African wines on a monthly basis.

The overall theme for the campaign will be “Spectacular South Africa”. In these tough times where there is no budget to spend, WoSA believes that they can create a lot of exposure for SA wines by working together across our key export markets but also with you, the producers, in South Africa.

With some production and exports now running, WoSA will kick off the campaign next week with a build up to a virtual tasting of any South African wine on Friday, 22 May 2020. Following this, WoSA will have a theme each month with a virtual tasting on a specific day.

WoSA is asking that all producers get involved, so that they have interaction around the world with South African wines. In particular, WoSA is asking that those of you who are able, to make a short video (1-2 minutes) showing your Spectacular South Africa and your wine.

Please share the video’s on 22 May on social media platforms and also send it to lesley@wosa.co.za, who will collate them all, so that some markets can add subtitles. Ideally sending them around 10 days before the day of the tasting. We realise that the first one is coming around quickly so do what you can.

In each market we will be encouraging importers, retailers, trade and media to come together and get involved in the campaign and supporting the South African category, firstly on the 22nd May, by hosting a tasting, opening a bottle of wine and sharing it on any of their social media channels. It can be a greater event or just a tweet. The aim is to express sympathy for the category and of course boost sales of South African wines in each market and prompt new orders of your wines.  

We have created a variety of logos for the campaign, which you can download from the WoSA website, here. You are most welcome to share these with your partners as well.

Dates and themes for the coming months will be:

22 May – Spectacular South Africa (in general or wines)

20 June – Drink Chenin

24 July – rosé

28 August – sustainability (IPW seal, WWF Champion)

25 September – MCC

10 of October – Pinotage

The hastags we will use across social media for the first event are:

#SpectacularSouthAfrica | #SupportSouthAfrica | #DrinkSouthAfrican | #southafricanwine | #tastingtogether | #lockdownwine

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