Plan herbicide programme as well as spring fertiliser and spraying programmes and place the necessary product orders. Adhere strictly to the IPW guidelines.

VINEYARD PROGRAMMECalibrate spraying pump and fertiliser sprayer.

Pest control

  • The emphasis should be on correct mealybug control before budding. Follow the guidelines for winter treatment to the letter otherwise control will not be successful.
  • Control snails if problematic.


  • The ideal is to final prune in one action as late as possible, approximately 3 – 4 weeks before bud burst. Vines in frost prone areas may be final pruned at bud swell.
  • If budding stimulants are applied 3 – 5 weeks before bud burst, a good synergistic interaction is obtained if the pruning (in one action) and application of budding stimulants are timed as close as possible to each other.

Herbicide and/or cultivation

  • Select the correct product to control weeds on the berm depending on the type and vigour of weeds.
  • If pre-emergence herbicides are used, be fully aware of the requirements for successful control as well as the accompanying dangers in some instances.
  • Cover crops should be sprayed and then preferably flattened to ensure the best retention of dry matter, especially under dry winter and dry land conditions.
  • In wet years cover crops may be allowed to grow and die back naturally to absorb excessive water from the soil.

Planting of vines

  • Attempt to finish planting before the end of August if soil water content allows.
  • Keep replacement vines on hand in plastic bags for use this year in instances where vines did not take.


  • A fertilisation programme should be drawn up for each block on the farm in collaboration with a fertiliser expert and/or viticultural consultant.
  • If chicken manure is used as fertiliser, now is the right time for application.


  • Do maintenance work and chloronisation on irrigation system.
  • Supplement soils to field capacity before budding, except in instances where a deficit irrigation strategy is followed.


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